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Telephone:  +353 1 5290104
Fax:             +353 1 4430610
Mobile:        +353 87 2633035
E-mail:       info@windworks.ie
Address: 72 Beech Park, Lucan, Dublin

Telephone:  +44 203 1514104
Fax:             +44 203 3690610
E-mail:    london@windworks.ie

Telephone:  +44 1224 516 086
Fax:             +44 1224 516 096
E-mail: Aberdeen@windworks.ie

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5 Tonne Seb TW500 Cable winch with over 1000mts of cable bond. Machine has data logging capabilities and is certified by a current CR5 form.

2 Tonne Clydesdale 900 Restringing winch with current CR5 for pulling heavy bond ropes, brushes and mandrel applications.

1 Tonne Sahlins Cable winch with over 400mts of cable bond. Machine is certified by a current CR5 form. Available for underground and ABC restringing.

1 Tonne capstan winch with current CR5 form. We also have over 1000mts of non stretch rope to facilitate installations using this method.

8.5 Tonne King cable trailer with 3mtr diameter capability and will accept a width of 1.8mts.

5 Tonne single axel CBS cable trailers.

3.5 Tonne Seb CD60 cable trailers.

1 Tonne Seb CD20 cable trailers.

1 Tonne Plumett Cable Pusher.

Drum Brakes available with all trailers.

Drum drives available for all trailers.

All with CR5 Certs and suitable for road or site use. Cable trailers with the capability to take all drum sizes currently used in the European market.

All operators controlled by licensed UHF radio systems.

All consumables and accessories needed in cable installation projects.

Windworks is a registered trade name of Powell Management & Engineering Services Ltd.